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Terry Whitaker - The Truth TellerRecently honored as a Spark & Hustle Award Winner by small business champion and media expert Tory Johnson and known by clients, colleagues, and friends as “The Truth Teller,” Terry Whitaker teaches entrepreneurs who are ready to grow how to find their unique value, effectively describe their truth, and attract their most profitable customers.

Recognized marketing expert with a background in brand management from Nestlé USA and owner of Crossbow Studio, Terry delivers high-impact marketing communication strategies to propel entrepreneurs and companies to greater profits through her TRUTH method. According to Dr. Joanna Carmichael, Founder of The Center for Oneness, “Terry gets you to think and reach the heart and soul of what you REALLY should be communicating to your audience.”

As the mother of two teenagers and mentor/godmother to three more, Terry’s BS detector is rock solid. That’s why she’s so good at helping clients get to—and articulate—their authentic values. She has served as a board member of CREW Philadelphia and SMPS Philadelphia, where she has made some of her best friends and business colleagues. She graduated from Villanova University ages ago (right when they won that big basketball thingy) and spent her formative years in Los Angeles as a brand manager for Nestlé USA.

What is Terry up to right now?

About “And That’s the Truth with Terry Whitaker”

This show came about serendipitously. A few years back, I was fed up. Fed up with trying to create MEANINGFUL brands for clients bent on “spin.” Fed up with their inability to take a stand. Fed up with my own lack of courage, too. For me, meaningful meant being based on real, authentic personality. Not mamby-pamby communication whereby you try to figure out what someone wants to hear and then dance to cover all your bases.

Being fed up is a great motivator. I decided it was time to lead with Truth, Authenticity—and Fun. If I failed, at least I would go down swinging. So I went big. And as soon as I did, doors opened, speaking requests appeared, TV stations called. Swear.

Now I know my purpose. To ignite a movement. A movement toward owning our strengths, admitting our weaknesses and learning how to revel in what we create, and apologize for any messups that might happen along the way. This show is all about my attempt to get more stories out into the universe. Stories of people and their methods and struggles toward success on our own terms. I want to talk to Business Leaders, Educators, Politicians, Professionals and others who have “cracked the code” and live their truth—or have at least gotten hurt trying…

If you know someone who should be a guest on “And That’s the Truth with Terry Whitaker,” drop me a line with your suggestion. I’m interested.

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